Community Outreach Team

  • Will Valdes and Monique Tessier​

     Paulette Misas

  • Office Manager​

  • Bio is under construction

Our treatment approach is based on 3 main principles:

  1. We understand the patient, the medical history, and the goals for treatment

  2. Provide safe and effective treatments

  3. Educate the patient so that they understand their condition, and learn how to minimize the likelihood of future occurrence

     Dr. Joaquin W. Rosado, DC

  • Clinic Director

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

  • Dr. Rosado is a South Florida native.  He studied Chiropractic Medicine and earned his Doctorate degree from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.  He spent his residency working with the top sports Doctors in the NW region, which allowed him to work hundreds of hours treating US Olympic athletes, MLS Soccer teams, the US Tennis Association, as well as treating the general public.  Dr. Rosado then went on to work at an integrated medical clinic in Seattle, WA, where he was the lead clinician.  Dr. Rosado has also volunteered thousands of hours working with non-profit organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, PAWS, Rotary Club, and the Work Healthy Washington campaign.  Dr. Rosado is a keynote speaker with the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, where he advocates health and wellness to local companies and his community.

     Vaneza Chaple, DOM, LAc.

  • Chief Physician

  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Licensed Acupuncturist

  • Having been raised in Miami, FL, she is extremely excited to be returning home and leading the team of physicians and staff at Symmetry & Flow Healthcare Center.  Vaneza has numerous years of experience treating patients from all walks of life.  She has successfully treated conditions ranging from addictions, infertility, and musculo-skeletal injuries, all with great results.  Vaneza has worked on multiple research studies and has been published numerous times in medical journals as part of those studies.  She has volunteered hundreds of hours promoting health and wellness and raising money for great causes, such as the American Cancer Society and the Rotary Club of Seattle.

Our Staff

Our strength is the fact that we focus on the one thing that has been lost in the healthcare industry, we focus on YOU, your needs.  While other offices are driven by large pharmaceutical companies and treat based on insurance reimbursements, we have the freedom to focus on you and tailor each treatment plan to your individual needs.  Although we accept all major insurances, our care packages allow us to provide care to all patients, and we never let finances or lack of insurance coverage be obstacles towards our primary get you on your way to a healthier pain-free life.

Our Vision

Our Strength