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MDs (Doctors of Medicine), NDs (Naturopathic Physicians), LAcs (Acupuncturists), and DCs (Doctors of Chiropractic) regularly refer patients to Symmetry & Flow Healthcare Center, Inc.  Typically, other specialists refer either patients with issues outside of their normal case type, such as car accident victims, or patients with musculoskeletal issues, such as low back or neck pain.  DCs typically send us referrals for specialized skills that they cannot provide.  We also make referrals when a case falls outside of our areas of expertise.

Other practitioners in private practices and large hospitals cite our effective modern, evidence-based approach to care as the main reason they refer patients for wide-ranging issues, including:

Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Neck, Back, or Spine-related Traumas

How to Make a Referral: 
To make a referral, you can have your patient contact us directly or send a referral with a recent chart note to our
fax number:  754-206-3809