Common causes of whiplash include:

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Recreational or Sports Activities

  • Fall or Slips

  • Anything else that causes a jolt to the neck

In basic terms, whiplash results from muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves being stretched beyond their normal range of motion. Whether your  symptoms are moderate or severe, Symmetry & Flow can help you reduce the potential impact of whiplash on your current lifestyle and long-term health.

Whether or not you have painful symptoms, if you've recently experienced whiplash, it's a good idea to see a whiplash chiropractor to make sure you don't have any hidden issues that could cause future health problems.  At Symmetry & Flow, our goal is to help quickly reduce pain and mobility issues while always carefully considering your long-term health.  We start with a thorough evaluation, to make sure we understand the types and severity of your injuries, as well as how they are impacting your lifestyle.

A whiplash injury occurs when a persons head is "whipped" back and forth in a sudden movement.  Whether in a car accident, in a work related fall, or in domestic abuse.  The symptoms of whiplash occur within 24 hours of injury, however, in many cases the symptoms may develop after a few weeks.

Whiplash is a painful and frustrating injury that can severely limit your regular daily activities and lifestyle over the short and long term when not treated correctly by a whiplash chiropractor.  The symptoms are often agonizing and can include:

Neck pain

Headaches / Migraines

Shoulder pain

Neck swelling

Numbness or tingling in arms


Difficulty swallowing


Blurred vision

Whiplash Injuries